Our Dedication to the Environment

Healthy Living Environments
Coldicott Woodworks is creating healthy living environments by producing high-quality, sustainable
cabinetry and furniture.

  • Uses only No-added urea formaldehyde paneled products.
  • Uses only no to very low VOC finishes.

Environmentally Responsible
Coldicott Woodworks provides clients with an environmentally-responsible product.

  • The majority (over 95%) of our wood products are purchased from local companies.  We will not
    import, unless it is specified by the designer and not obtainable locally.
  • Our lumber products are certified through a non-profit dedicated to the responsible management of the
    world's forests.
  • Member of the US Green Building Council.
  • Can easily build and document for LEED jobs.  We know the products well and can get the maximum
    amount of points for cabinetry and mill work.

Socially Responsible
We are personally responsible for our impact on the world.

  • Continually reducing our waste, recycling everything, and reusing what we can.  We do this on the  
    job-site, in the shop and at home.  
  • Continually researching new green products to find the superior product at the most competitive price.  
    Offer an end of the year bonus to employees who ride their bike to work.
  • Carbon off-set when necessary.  Hoping, one day, to live and work carbon neutral.
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